Sunday 7 July 2024

Michael Moore Says ‘Elder Abuse’ Must Stop, Calls For Biden To Step Down After ‘Utter Collapse’ At Debate

 Michael Moore said the “elder abuse” against President Joe Biden must stop as he called for the president to step down following what he called Biden’s “utter collapse” at the presidential debate.

In a lengthy article on the activist film director’s substack, Moore blasted the “out of control” Democratic Party machine, which he said wants Americans not to believe the disastrous performance they witnessed of Biden “so mentally and physically incapacitated that he cannot complete a sentence” during the CNN presidential debate.

“This was not a cold. This was a human being in utter collapse,” Moore wrote. “Not just political collapse, or performance collapse, but rather a full frontal lobe meltdown where at any moment you had to wonder… was it possible that the sweet and fragile existence we call ‘life’ was about to short-circuit, or worse, lose power (to Trump)?”

“This is not about whether he’s fit to serve another four years — this is about whether he should serve another four days in the toughest job in the world,” he added. “That’s the question we should be asking.”

Moore then apologized for what he was saying and said if he has to be the only one to protect Biden from the “cruelest form of elder abuse I’ve ever been forced to watch,” then that’s exactly what he will do.


“Biden was not well. Biden did not possess the faculties he needed. Something was wrong,” the filmmaker wrote. “Did nobody see this in the days leading up to the collapse? Did not a single person raise their voice to ask, ‘Maybe we shouldn’t do this to him?’ But they did do it to him. And the repercussions that we, the world, and the generations after us will have to suffer through are not even part of the discussion this week. It’s all about making sure he stays in the race — and nothing about the risk to his life he is facing as they push him to soldier onward.”

Moore said that the Founding Fathers knew we would have leaders who wouldn’t be able to carry out their terms and suggested the answer to Biden is Vice President Kamala Harris. “For the good of the country,” he said the Democrats should “leave Mr. Biden alone. Let him rest. Let him go home.”

The leftist filmaker wrote that Biden resigns and then Harris gets “sworn in as President. By federal campaign rules, she, and only she, inherits all the campaign funds in the Biden-Harris war chest. Biden will urge all his Biden-Harris convention delegates to support her.”

He concluded his long article by saying with Harris now as “the Incumbent President,” “there will be no real convention fight, and nearly every American who had planned to vote for Biden will vote for Harris (as recent polling has revealed).”

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