Wednesday 10 July 2024

KJP Won’t Say If Biden Would Take Late-Night Phone Call About ‘An Incoming Nuke’

 White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wouldn’t say when asked on Tuesday whether President Joe Biden would pick up the phone late at night if there was an incoming nuclear warhead.

Jean-Pierre was asked the question as Biden faces serious questions about his mental fitness for office, including calls from within his own party to drop out of the presidential race, following his disastrous debate performance against former President Donald Trump.

“Well, he also said he’s sharpest before 8 p.m.,” said Fox News reporter Peter Doocy. “So, say that the Pentagon, at some point, picks up an incoming nuke. It’s 11 p.m. Who do you call? The first lady?”

Jean-Pierre responded: “He has a team that, uh, lets him know of any, of any, news that is pertinent and important to the American people.”

“He has someone or, uh, that is decided on with obviously with his national security council on who gets to tell him that news,” she added.

Jean-Pierre later was asked about reports that first lady Jill Biden attends meetings with the president in the office and whether she makes decisions in the meetings or if she advises the president.

KJP responded by claiming that the president makes decisions but she did not answer whether Jill Biden is advising him.

She was also asked about reports that convicted felon Hunter Biden is attending official White House meetings.

“Look, I can’t, I’m, I’m certainly not going to get into private conversations that, that occur,” she answered.

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