Tuesday 2 July 2024

Fetterman Slams Dems Abandoning Biden: ‘Dumbest S*** I’ve Ever Heard’

Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman, whose staunch support of Israel has clashed with President Joe Biden repeatedly undermining Israel’s war effort against Hamas, nevertheless defended Biden remaining as the party’s presidential nominee after Biden’s disastrous performance against former President Trump in the presidential debate last week.

Speaking of Democrats who have called for Biden to step down from being the party’s 2024 presidential nominee, Fox News’ Shannon Bream asked, “Are you worried about how that might impact President Biden’s ability to shore up the Democrats and to win re-election, knowing those are the voices are calling; some of them have got a movement called Abandon Biden; they supported him in the past and now they’re actively campaigning against him?”

The Abandon Biden movement claims, “Biden pursues a policy of death in Gaza, and he expects we will vote for him. We need to work hard to make sure that he will not be elected to the presidency.”

“That whole Abandon Biden thing is the dumbest s*** I’ve ever heard,” Fetterman responded. “If you are more inclined to vote for a Democrat or be a Democrat, if you’re willing to walk away from Joe Biden, you’re by defecting, helping Trump, and that’s really — it is, and if any kind of movement has that kind of move and they want to play with that kind of fire, they better earn that burn. And now especially because people have turned their backs on Joe Biden.”

“Now it’s gonna be in sure (sic) that everyone, it’s gonna be all hands on the deck and continue to talk about this is a very stark choice,” Fetterman continued. “What kind of president do you want for the next four years? What do you want to talk about, the things that these men are obsessed with? One is rebuilding America and taking us in a better direction or a Republican, Donald Trump, who is obsessed with revenge and has been very clear about he is here to be your retribution. And I don’t believe the president’s office should be weaponized against the people in this America who happen to disagree with you.”

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