Sunday 16 June 2024

WATCH: Biden’s Pope Francis Forehead Bump Gets Shocked Reaction From Javier Milei

 President Joe Biden elicited a strange reaction from Argentinian President Javier Milei when, during a meeting with Pope Francis, Biden leaned in and rested his forehead against the Pope’s.

Biden met with Pope Francis while he was in Italy for the G-7 meetings with a number of other world leaders, and while he was speaking to the Catholic leader, he kept leaning in closer and closer until finally, the two were forehead to forehead. Pope Francis’ expression was one of mild surprise at the president’s actions, but as Milei turned and saw the scene playing out, he appeared to recoil.

Milei literally backed away as he realized what was happening, prompting a series of reactions on social media as well.

The Babylon Bee made use of the awkward moment, running with the headline, “Biden Disappointed After Huge Scoop Of Vanilla Ice Cream Turns Out To Be Pope Francis.”

“Heads up, Your Holiness!” the New York Post added, sharing a video of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s reaction — apparent disbelief — as well.

“Look at Javier Milei’s ‘wtf’ face as he witnesses the exchange between the Pope and Dictator Biden. Lol,” Liz Churchill posted.


The pope doesn’t look like he enjoyed Biden‘s strange head bump greeting. Biden doesn’t know the definition of personal space,” Sara Rose added.

Biden’s trip to Italy for the G-7 meetings was marked by a series of viral video clips that raised questions about the president’s overall fitness for duty — including once when he appeared to wander away as the other world leaders were gathering to take photos, and then a press conference during which he complained that reporters who did not limit their questions to the topic he preferred to address should “play by the rules.”

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