Saturday 1 June 2024

Voters Who Support Faith, Family, Freedom Implored to ‘Run, Walk or Crawl’ to the Polls


Screenshot: Global News


Christians across America, and anyone who endorses “faith, family and freedom,” have been given their marching orders for the November presidential election.

The instructions do not include WHO to vote for, but the messaging is clear.

“The Left is not only waging legal warfare against Donald Trump. They are attempting to prevent half the country from having any say in the governance of our nation, and they have weaponized the legal system to ensure their success at any cost,” began a statement from Gary Bauer, senior vice president of public policy for the James Dobson Family Institute.

“They are already using our legal system to go after pro-life activists and patriotic Christians who defend religious liberty. The Deep State is spying on conservative parents and churches, treating them like enemies of the state. They have even gone so far as to compare caring parents to terrorists.

“The Left has repeatedly [contended] that conservatives are a threat to our democracy. Yet, they are the ones who are aggressively attacking our constitutional Republic with blatant disregard for our fundamental rights. We cannot remain silent against such explicit tyranny.”

The statement continued, “But here’s what we must understand: What just happened is not only about Donald Trump, and it will not stop with him.”

The verdict “is a clarion call for every God-fearing, America-loving Christian and our fellow citizens who believe in faith, family, and freedom to run, walk, or crawl, if necessary, to the polls this November.”

Bauer described the conviction, on Thursday, of Trump on business records-related claims as “a tragic day for America” and a “clear abuse of our justice system.”

“This politically motivated and stacked trial is what we have come to expect in communist China or North Korea—not in the United States of America. The totalitarian impulse of the neo-Marxist Left is to suppress and silence political opposition using any means necessary.”

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