Friday 28 June 2024

Trump Hits Biden For Not Firing Failed Administration Officials: ‘This Guy Hasn’t Fired Anybody’

 Former President Donald Trump made a sharp line of attack against President Joe Biden on Thursday night over his refusal to hold anyone in his administration accountable for the abysmal job they’ve done on a wide variety of issues.

Trump made the remarks during CNN’s presidential debate when Trump was asked about the topic of foreign policy.

“He was so bad with Afghanistan; it was such a horrible embarrassment, most embarrassing moment in the history of our country,” Trump said, later adding: “he should have fired those generals like I fired the one that you mentioned. And so he’s got no love lost. But he should have fired those generals.”

“No general got fired for the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country, Afghanistan, where we left billions of dollars of equipment behind; we lost 13 beautiful soldiers and 38 soldiers were obliterated. And by the way, we left people behind too. We left American citizens behind,” Trump continued.

Trump later returned to the topic and noted Biden hasn’t fired anyone for a number of the disasters that have unfolded on his watch.

“The other thing is, he doesn’t fire people. He never fired people,” Trump said. “I’ve never seen him fire anybody. I did fire a lot. I fired Comey because he was no good. I fired a lot of the top people at the FBI, drained the swamp. They were no good. Not easy to fire people. You’d pay a price for it, but they were no good. I inherited these people. I didn’t put him there. I didn’t put Comey there. He was no good. I fired him.”

“This guy hasn’t fired anybody. He never fires. He should have fired every military man that was involved with that Afghan – the Afghanistan horror show. The most embarrassing moment in the history of our country. He didn’t fire?” Trump continued. “Did you fire anybody? Did you fire anybody that’s on the border, that’s allowed us to have the worst border in the history of the world? Did anybody get fired for allowing 18 million people, many from prisons, many from mental institutions? Did you fire anybody that allowed our country to be destroyed? Joe, our country is being destroyed as you and I sit up here and waste a lot of time on this debate. This shouldn’t be a debate.”

“If he wins this election, our country doesn’t have a chance,” he concluded. “Not even a chance of coming out of this rut. We probably won’t have a country left anymore. That’s how bad it is. He is the worst in history by far.”


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