Saturday 15 June 2024

Trump Heading To Another Deep Blue City For Campaign Event

 Former President Donald Trump will be heading to deep blue Detroit on Saturday for a campaign roundtable at a church.

At the roundtable, Trump will discuss how President Joe Biden “has failed the great people of Detroit and the State of Michigan,” according to a press release from his campaign. The event in Detroit follows several other large rallies held by Trump in blue areas in New York and New Jersey.

“Joe Biden has failed the people of Michigan so often that a historic number of voters chose to show up and literally vote for ‘no one’ over Biden in the Democratic primary,” the Trump campaign said.

The roundtable for “members of the community” will take place at 180 Church in Detroit. Lorenzo Sewell, the church’s head pastor, told The Detroit News that they were open for any leader willing to discuss the “pains and injustices in the communities that we serve.”

The same weekend, Trump will be speaking at a Turning Point Action conference in Detroit.

Trump’s announcement for the Detroit event specifically took aim at Biden over his handling of the economy and immigration.

“From gas to groceries, Michigan families continue to suffer from high inflation because of Biden’s disastrous economic policies that are spiking average household costs over $980 a month,” the campaign said.


“Joe Biden’s pro-criminal and open border policies that are having a deadly effect on communities including a 31% increase in opioid overdose deaths since 2019,” the campaign added. “In February, an illegal immigrant was convicted of murdering a 22-year-old woman in Kent County, Michigan.”

Trump’s Detroit event will follow several other campaign events held in deep blue areas. Last month, as many as 100,000 people showed up for a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey. Then, just weeks later, thousands showed up to the Bronx in New York for another Trump rally. Last week, Trump raised around $12 million during a fundraiser with tech entrepreneurs in San Francisco.

Michigan is expected to be one of the key states that will decide the outcome of the 2024 election. Biden’s popularity in the state has taken a hit, especially among largely Muslim areas upset over his handling of Israel and its war with Hamas.

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