Thursday 6 June 2024

‘The View’ Does Intellectual Backflips Trying To Prove Biden’s Strong On Border Security

 The hosts of ABC’s “The View” went to great effort during Wednesday’s broadcast to convince the audience that Democrats — particularly President Joe Biden — were strong on border security.

Biden — who spent the first few days of his presidency dismantling former President Donald Trump’s border security initiatives and the next three years claiming that the resulting mess either wasn’t his fault or wasn’t happening at all — issued an executive order on Tuesday that he claimed would regain control of the border.

Biden’s order came on the heels of months of polling suggesting that the American people saw illegal immigration as a major issue going into November’s presidential election — and that many of them did not believe that his border policies were working to keep the situation under control.

Sunny Hostin weighed in on the issue first, saying that she understood Biden was taking action at this particular point for political reasons — but then she argued that because former President Barack Obama had once been called the “Deporter-in-chief,” it was a “misnomer” to claim that Democrats were weak on border security.

Cohost Sara Haines complained that because the issue had become so politically charged, Biden had been “forced” into slapping what amounted to a “band-aid” on the border rather than dealing with illegal immigration in any real way.

Without mentioning the fact that Biden had claimed for weeks that he could not take executive action on the border — before doing exactly that — Haines blamed Congress’ failure to act on the issue for painting him into a corner.

Whoopi Goldberg rounded out the discussion by accusing Republican governors of “human trafficking” for sending illegal immigrants by bus or plane to self-described “sanctuary cities” — but made no mention of the fact that President Biden’s administration had been quietly sending illegal immigrants all over the country as well.

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