Saturday 22 June 2024

‘Take Back Title IX’ Tour Bus Promoting Women’s Sports Vandalized In North Carolina

 Activists in Carrboro, North Carolina — near Chapel Hill — vandalized a tour bus promoting women’s sports advocates on their “Take Back Title IX” summer bus tour, scrawling profane and anti-woman messages all over the outside of the bus as well as pelting it with eggs.

The Independent Women’s Forum is promoting the tour, which features a number of prominent female athletes — among them former collegiate swimmers Riley Gaines and Paula Scanlan and tennis legend Martina Navratilova — and shared photos and video of the bus after it had been vandalized.

“ATTACK ON FEMALE ATHLETES ON TOUR, BUS TOUR THREATENED:  Overnight vandals violated nearly every inch of the Our Bodies, Our Sports #TakeBackTitleIX bus in Chapel Hill, NC. Egged & defaced with profanity & anti-woman messages. Radical gender ideologues on a mission to erase womanhood seek to keep us quiet. WE WON’T BACK DOWN. WOMEN WON’T BE SILENT,” the IWF posted. “Bad enough they’re throwing women under the bus, now they’re throwing eggs at it. What’s next!?”

Messages written on the bus included, “transphobic f***s,” “protect trans kids,” “hate group,” and “f*** transphobia” — along with a crude drawing of male genitalia.

“Gender ideology seeks to destroy, NOT understand, uplift, listen, or reason. During Pride, we’re told that it is about love and acceptance. Thanks for showing your true colors. We couldn’t have done it better ourselves,” the thread continued. “No one is above the law, right? We expect a real investigation here. The reason this happens is because certain groups know they are above the law, and they act with impunity. @CarrboroPD is on it.”

“On top of the late night attack, at the Chapel Hill tour stop last night, a male, who expressed support for the cause, took a sharpie from a young female tour staffer & instead of signing his name on the bus like other supporters, wrote ‘Transphobic P****” then violently threw the sharpie at the young woman while screaming “F*** you” in front of children & their families. When did PRO-WOMAN become ANTI-TRANS or anyone?” a follow-up post read.


Riley Gaines responded to the attack, saying, “You mean trans rights activists aren’t tolerant, accepting, welcoming, and inclusive to all like they say they are? Color me shocked. This is disgusting.”

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