Monday 24 June 2024

SCOTUS Decision Raises Timing Question On Biden’s Illegal Immigration Order

 A Friday morning Supreme Court ruling raised questions about the timing of a recent executive order from President Joe Biden, prompting The Federalist’s Sean Davis to ask whether there was a “new leaker” at the court.

Davis pointed to Biden’s recent order legalizing immigrant spouses of American citizens, calling it “oddly specific” and noting that the Supreme Court’s decision in The State Dept. v. Munoz made the timing of that order seem suspect.

“Is there a new leaker at the Supreme Court? Just days ago, the Biden regime announced a radical new executive order to legalize the immigrant spouses of citizens, even if those immigrants were in the U.S. to commit crimes or were here legally,” Davis began. “It was very strange timing for such an oddly specific EO.”

Davis included a screenshot of the court’s ruling, handed down on Friday morning along with several other rulings.

“Now we know why: the Supreme Court ruled today in a 6-3 decision that the U.S. is not required to admit immigrant spouses of American citizens in a case involving an MS-13 member whose spouse was a U.S. citizen and who demanded legalization,” Davis continued. “‘From this Nation’s beginnings, the admission of noncitizens into this country was characterized as ‘of favor [and]  

Davis’ conclusion was that someone at the White House may have known which way that decision was going to go prior to Friday’s announcement: “Somebody at the White House was clearly tipped off about the unannounced Supreme Court decision, which explains why the White House rushed out such a shoddily written and argued new executive order to open the border even more: the Biden regime knew how the Supreme Court was going to rule, and it sought to pre-empt the court with its absurd EO. So the question now is: who, exactly, is leaking information on rulings to the Biden White House?”

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