Saturday 29 June 2024

North Korea sending troops to Ukraine as WWIII approaches

 In what media reports are describing as the makings of a critical escalation in the ongoing conflict, North Korea is reportedly sending military units to Ukraine as soon as next month to help support Russian forces.

For the first time in 24 years, Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a visit to North Korea where he signed a defense pact with host Kim Jong Un on June 19 in Pyongyang. The pact agrees that both countries will provide military assistance to the other as needed.

Just days after the agreement was signed, North Korea announced the sending of a unit of military engineers to join Russia's army on the ground in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. This suggests North Korea might soon become an active combatant in the war.

Already, North Korea is providing ammunition and missiles to Russia. The country has also reportedly shipped as many as 1.6 million artillery shells to the Russian army to use in its special military operation.

"In case any one of the two sides is put in a state of war by an armed invasion from an individual state or several states, the other side shall provide military and other assistance with all means in its possession without delay," the agreement states.

 Pentagon says North Korean soldiers will die in war

Responding to the move, Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder told journalists at a press briefing that North Korea is basically sending these military soldiers to their deaths. 

"I think that if I were North Korean military personnel management, I would be questioning my choices on sending my forces to be cannon fodder in an illegal war against Ukraine," Ryder said.

According to Ryder, U.S. intelligence will continue to monitor the growing military ties between Russia and North Korea.

Because North Korea is an important bridge between Russia and China, it makes sense for Russia to want to partner with the country. The bridge allows Beijing to transfer military equipment to Moscow while avoiding violating Western sanctions.

"North Korea is one of key Russian partners and the meaning of the rationale behind them becoming such a partner is because they are acting as a bridge between China and Russia," commented Ilya Ponomarev. "Essentially all this military equipment that is supposed to be delivered from North Korea once was developed for North Koreans by the Chinese."

"China is cautious not to get under secondary sanctions by the United States, but North Korea is not in danger. So there is no problem for Chinese to assist North Koreans and then North Koreans to make trade with Russia and benefit from this both financially and in terms of military development."

In the comments, some people expressed doubt about the legitimacy of these latest alleged developments, especially the one from Ryder at the Pentagon insinuating that North Korea is simply sending "cannon fodder" to Ukraine.

"None of this is true," one wrote. "The West is just jealous because an army of contracted North Korean engineers is arriving in Donetsk to help rebuild the destroyed towns and villages."

"North Koreans are the best and fastest builders that finish jobs to perfection in the shortest amount of time."

Another wrote that World War III is coming soon, "no doubt about that."

"If China also sends troops, it really will be WWIII," added someone else. "God help us all."

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