Saturday 29 June 2024

Media Headlines Universally Negative For Biden Following Debate

 President Joe Biden faced negative headlines throughout the media landscape following his debate against former President Donald Trump on Thursday night.

Pundits, commentators, and columnists gave their analysis, with nearly all on the Democratic side sounding the alarm and urging Biden to consider dropping out.

However, the fallout from Biden’s performance was so great that it even seeped into straight news coverage.

The following are some of the headlines from legacy media, left-wing outlets, and pro-Biden publications following the debate:

  • The New York Times: “A Fumbling Performance, and a Panicking Party: President Biden’s shaky, halting debate performance has Democrats talking about replacing him on the ticket.”
  • Politico: “Dems freak out over Biden’s debate performance: ‘Biden is toast’”
  • The New York Times: “‘It’s Frightening’: Democratic Voters Worried by Biden’s Struggles in Debate: Democrats found President Biden’s performance disconcerting, while Republicans were in a jubilant mood. Swing voters were flummoxed.”
  • Politico: “‘WTF’: Panicked Dems start looking for alternatives to Biden”
  • Semafor: “The debate Democrats feared”
  • The Washington Post: “Democrats panic over Biden’s debate performance, doubt his future: The consternation over his halting performance encompassed both the halls of Congress and the living rooms of Democratic stalwarts.”
  • NBC News: “Alarm and amusement at Biden’s performance as world reacts to Trump debate”
  • CNBC: “Top Democratic fundraisers sound the alarm after Biden’s debate performance”
  • ABC News: “Swing state voters react to presidential debate, Biden’s weak performance”
  • Al Jazeera: “Biden falls flat against Trump in first 2024 US presidential debate”
  • CNN: “Biden’s disastrous debate pitches his reelection bid into crisis”
  • BBC: “Democrats backed into a corner over Biden’s performance”
  • BBC: “Analysis: Biden’s incoherent debate performance heightens fears over his age”
  • Variety: “Biden Should Never Have Debated Trump — and CNN Did Him No Favors”

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