Sunday 2 June 2024

Lee Zeldin on Trump Verdict: ‘There is No Greater Threat to Democracy Than Joe Biden and the Democrats’


Former New York Rep. Lee Zeldin reacted to the Trump verdict this week and released a statement reminding people who the real threat to democracy is in this case. It’s Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Zeldin points out what pretty much everyone knows. That Alvin Bragg ran on ‘getting’ Trump for something, anything really.

Zeldin published his statement on Twitter.

Townhall has transcribed parts of the copy:

This case should have never been brought forward in the first place. This political persecution, designed to interfere with the 2024 election, was a disgusting abuse and weaponization of the criminal justice system. This ruling is obviously going to be overturned on appeal, but, for Democrats, this case was never about the merits. This was a coordinated effort by a District Attorney fulfilling a campaign pledge to prosecute Trump without the slightest clue of the possible charge. With the help of the Biden Justice Department, this sham trial was a campaign inside of a campaign to secure a talking point, regardless of how much damage it could cause to our country and criminal justice system…

There is no greater threat to Democracy than Joe Biden and the Democrats trying to lock up Biden’s chief political opposition for the rest of his life, keep Trump off the campaign trail, bankrupt him and his family, remove him from the November ballot, and deny Americans the right to choose for themselves who they want to elect as their next President. This all serves as a reminder of just how urgent and necessary our victory will be November 5th.

Zeldin made similar points during an appearance on ABC News:

This situation is showing America which Republicans are really prepared for this fight.

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