Saturday 1 June 2024

‘I Felt Like I Won’: ‘The View’ Hosts Are Absolutely Giddy As They Celebrate Trump Verdict

 The hosts of ABC’s “The View” could not contain their excitement as they celebrated former President Donald Trump’s conviction in the Manhattan hush money case.

Everyone around the table, including two who profess to be Republicans, had something to say about the outcome — and none of them appeared concerned, as even some CNN analysts were, that District Attorney Alvin Bragg or Judge Juan Merchan had potentially overstepped in bringing the case in the first place.

Whoopi Goldberg, who still refuses to speak Trump’s name aloud, led off with a barely controlled laugh as she announced the news.

“Donald John Trump is a confected — convicted felon,” she said, “He did that. He did that.”

Goldberg went on to argue that even though Bragg had run on a campaign platform that could have been boiled down to “Get Trump,” the former president was only in trouble because of his own actions — which had previously been passed over for prosecution when he was not running for president. “This is not a Biden thing,” she insisted.


The two self-identified Republicans on the panel raised no concerns about the political nature of the prosecution — or the doors this case opened with regard to political figures having their opponents prosecuted.


Alyssa Farah Griffin, who previously worked for both Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence, implied that Trump’s supporters might get violent and said that her main worry was whether or not the judge and members of the jury had enough security.

Ana Navarro called the verdict “schizophrenic,” saying, “Part of me was like, yay and part of me was like this is really serious.” She went on to claim that America was “a living hell” because of Trump.


Sara Haines claimed that what scared her was the fact that she would have to explain to her kids why a felon who could not vote himself would still be allowed to run for president. Haines previously said that she hid the news from her kids so she wouldn’t have to tell them that Trump was president.

Sunny Hostin was truly celebrating the news when her turn came around, saying that she had felt like “the Knicks won the tournament.”

“I felt like America won! I felt like I won!” she cheered.


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