Thursday 20 June 2024

EXCLUSIVE: Blackburn Demands Answers On Arrest Of 8 Illegal Immigrants With Suspected Terror Ties

 Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is demanding answers from the Biden administration after authorities arrested eight illegal immigrants with suspected terrorist ties to ISIS.

Blackburn sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday wanting answers about eight Tajikistani nationals with suspected ties to ISIS. Some of the immigrants were allowed to enter the U.S. after being processed by Border Patrol or enrolling on the CBP One app.

“These individuals crossed our southern border illegally and were released into the United States, but—even more troubling—these suspected terrorists allegedly passed through screening by Customs and Border Protection with clean criminal background checks. Despite being ‘fully vetted’ by border officials, it has been revealed that these individuals have ties to ISIS. Given these disturbing revelations, Americans are rightly concerned about threats to our homeland,” Blackburn wrote.

“[S]ince President Biden took office, CBP has encountered 362 migrants on the terrorist watchlist, compared to just 11 under the Trump administration. Equally as concerning, we will never know how many of the nearly 1.6 million known ‘gotaways’ who evaded CBP detection during the first two years of the Biden administration were affiliated with terrorist groups,” she continued.

Blackburn wrote out a list of questions for the Department of Homeland Security to answer to give Americans a better understanding of the seriousness of the situation at the border. The GOP senator asked for the names of the Tajikistani nationals, their alleged ties to terrorism, whether or not they were wiretapped discussing bombs, and other information.

“The American people deserve to feel safe from terrorist threats within our country, but it is clear that this administration’s policies have made all of our communities less safe. At the very least, Americans deserve to know the full extent of the threat posed by these eight suspected terrorists who managed to gain entry into our country,” Blackburn said.


The Biden administration has taken numerous shots over its immigration policy, especially lately. The Trump campaign released a statement on Tuesday highlighting two criminal cases – one involving the rape of a minor and the other involving the murder of a mother of five – that were allegedly committed by illegal aliens. The statement hammered President Joe Biden for easing the pathway to permanent residency in the U.S. for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

“Biden doesn’t care about the American lives that will forever be destroyed by the illegal criminals he is importing; and Biden doesn’t care that law-abiding taxpayers, crushed by inflation, are forced to pay for free food, housing, and healthcare for illegals,” Trump campaign national press secretary Karoline Leavitt said in a statement. “Biden only cares about one thing — power — and that’s why he is giving mass amnesty and citizenship to hundreds of thousands of illegals who he knows will ultimately vote for him and the Open Border Democrat Party.”

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