Monday 24 June 2024

CNN’s Scott Jennings Argues Immigration Is ‘Killing’ Biden’s Re-Election Campaign

 CNN pundit Scott Jennings said on Sunday that immigration is “killing” President Joe Biden‘s re-election campaign.

Amara Walker, a host on CNN, asked Jennings to comment on former President Donald Trump suggesting a fight league for migrants.

“Two-thirds of the American people support Donald Trump’s policy prescriptions for immigration right now, including a majority of Hispanics in the United States,” Jennings said.

“Do you see them as racist and xenophobic comments?” Walker pressed.

“He’s painting migrants as being vile — they have violent tendencies, right? And, of course, dehumanizing them to, you know, being entertainment for the rest of us,” she added.

As Walker made her rebuttal, Jennings shot back by repeating, “Oh, is he?”

He then alluded to cases in which illegal migrants have been accused of committing various crimes, including murder, during the Biden administration.

“Is he painting them as being violent? I mean, would Laken Riley think they were violent? Would Rachel Morin think they were violent? Would Jocelyn Nungaray in Texas think they were violent?” Jennings asked.

He continued, “How about the girl that was raped in broad daylight in New York City? How about the girl that was kidnapped in Missouri?”

Jennings acknowledged how “there are violent people in the country” and Trump uses “colorful language” when he speaks.

“But the bottom line is immigration is killing Joe Biden’s campaign right now. This is why he has a low approval rating,” Jennings said. “This is why Donald Trump is honing in on this. And people are responding to it and people are fed up with it.”

He added, “And if you want to call two-thirds of the country racist or xenophobic because they’re in a mood right now that they want this fixed, yes, agree. By all means, go on. It’s not going to work.”

Biden signed an executive order earlier this month that would temporarily restrict asylum requests at the southern border if daily illegal crossings blow past a certain threshold.

Last week, the president announced a policy geared toward protecting the undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens from deportation.

The latest FiveThirtyEight average of polls shows Biden with a 39.5% approval rating.

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