Sunday 30 June 2024

Beautiful… Leftists Eating Their Own: Furious Keith Olbermann Calls for CNN Be Literally Burned Down for Not Assisting Biden During Disastrous Debate Performance (VIDEO)


Screenshot: Keith Olbermann/Youtube

Many far-left figures are now attacking their own allies at CNN. Anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash have come under fire for allegedly not assisting Joe Biden during his debate with former President Donald Trump by failing to fact-check Trump in real-time during the 90-minute face-off.

One of the most vocal critics was none other than former MSNBC host and unhinged leftist Keith Olbermann. Following Biden’s disastrous debate performance, Olbermann had a meltdown, expressing his outrage at the moderators for not fact-checking Donald Trump.

“If you watched the first Biden-Trump debate on CNN, what you have seen is a debate with three participants: Joe Biden versus the tag team of Donald Trump and CNN,” Olbermann told his viewers.

“The decision to not fact-check the firehose of lies that is Donald Trump, that is the entirety of his existence and the entirety of his campaign, the decision to not fact-check any one of those lies by CNN was one of the most immoral decisions in the history of the free press in this country. Literally, I am suggesting that at some point tonight, CNN should, it will not, go off the air in shame, fire everybody, seal off the buildings, make sure everybody’s out, and burn the goddamn place to the ground,” he added.

He continued, “There was nothing in that entire coverage of that debate that suggested for a moment that the truth mattered to CNN. They answered none of Trump’s lies, even the one promise that was made that if Trump talked about the 2020 election and questioned the outcome, there would be pushback from Dana Bash and Jake Tapper did not come to pass. CNN had set the bar for itself about here; it didn’t even make it to the top of the table… The decision was made by CNN: no fact checks. And if there are no facts, Donald Trump will win every time because he is a goddamn liar.”


However, Olbermann overlooks a crucial point – it’s not Trump who needs fact-checking; it’s Biden.

Ann Vandersteel, an Information War Correspondent, pointed out this oversight when she wrote, “15 TIMES JOE BIDEN LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE in 90 MINUTES.” She then proceeded to list a series of false statements made by Biden during the debate.

  1. “Suckers and losers”
  2. “Hitler did good things”
  3. “Fine people”
  4. “My son died in Iraq”
  5. “I capped insulin at $15”
  6. “I capped Medicaid drug expenses at $200”
  7. “Retaliation against enemies”
  8. “Trump said he would be a dictator”
  9. “No soldiers died on my watch”
  10. “Border crossings fewer than Trump”
  11. “Unemployment was 15% under Trump”
  12. “Trump wants to get rid of Social Security”
  13. “Billionaires pay 8.2% in taxes”
  14. “Trump said inject bleach”
  15. “Border patrol endorsed me”

The Trump campaign also launched a real-time fact-checking initiative aimed at Joe Biden’s statements during the debate.

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