Friday 28 June 2024

8 Armed Men With ‘Venezuelan Accents’ Violently Rob Denver Jewelry Store

 Police in Denver are searching for eight Latino males who were caught on video violently robbing a family-owned and operated jewelry store that has been in business for decades.

The criminals robbed Joyeria El Ruby on Monday afternoon, said shop owner Lidia Tena.

One of the men entered the store first and pretended to be shopping while three more men came in and waited in a cage — which was built with the intent to stop this type of situation from happening.

They were asked to take off their hats and sunglasses before entering the store, but once the cage was opened they pulled guns and stormed the counter. Fox 31 Denver said that customers were held at gunpoint as the criminals stole nearly all of the jewelry.

Several of the employees escaped to the back room where they tried to barricade themselves and hit a panic button, but the thugs broke in and held them at gunpoint and threatened to kill them if they again attempted to hit the panic button. The men repeatedly hit the women.

“I thought they would kill me after hitting me three times and they told me they would kill me and my niece if I moved towards the panic button,” Tena said.

Four more armed men then entered the building with hats and glasses and wearing gloves so that no fingerprints would be left behind which points strongly to these individuals being professional criminals who are linked to organized crime or a drug cartel.


The women who were working in the store said that the Spanish-speaking criminals clearly had Venezuelan accents.

Colorado has become a hotbed for illegal alien crime thanks to Democrat Governor Jared Polis and the Democrat-controlled state legislature, which has turned the state into a sanctuary for those illegally in the country. Colorado is now ranked as the 3rd most dangerous state in the country.

Federal law enforcement officials have launched well over 100 criminal investigations into Venezuelan criminal gangs that have invaded the United States under President Joe Biden, NBC News reported. The Biden administration releases the violent criminals into the U.S. when no criminal history comes up in any databases when they are apprehended at the border. No criminal history is available on them because Venezuelan intentionally will not share that information, the report said.

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro’s socialist regime seems intent on unleashing violent crime and chaos on the streets of America as it refuses to allow the U.S. to deport the criminals back Venezuela.


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