Saturday 25 May 2024

Trump Gets NYC Democrat To Say He’ll ‘Make America Great Again,’ Trash Biden

 Donald Trump inspired a New York Democrat — on her way to his Thursday rally in the South Bronx — to admit she believed he would “Make America Great Again” while calling out the bad policies of Democratic President Joe Biden.

The woman, who did not mention her name, gave a brief interview with Savanah Hernandez as she walked toward Crotona Park in the Bronx to hear Trump speak.

The woman first made it clear that she was “not at all” a Trump supporter, but that she was ready to vote for him anyway.

“I’m here because when Trump was president, it was much better. I mean — he didn’t — the world wasn’t on fire,” she continued. “The prices went up like crazy. The price of gas, everything. So from the — he’s the best, I shouldn’t say of the worst — but there’s no choice.”

“I am a Democrat,” the woman confirmed that she was a registered Democrat, but said that she had voted for Republicans in the past when specific situations warranted. “I go according to who is better.”


When Hernandez asked the woman to weigh in on Biden, she let him have it: “Well, I think he’s destroying the country with his policies, you know, it’s just — things are getting worse and worse, and more — we could end up with World War III with Biden, and I think that Trump is going to … Make America Great Again [laughs] you know, I’m saying that.”

She repeated that she didn’t like Trump’s personality (“Forget it”) but still felt that he was the better option. “His policies were much better. Much, much better.”

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