Friday 31 May 2024

‘This Is What You See In Communist Countries’: Rubio Blasts Trump Verdict

 Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) blasted the verdict in former President Donald Trump’s New York “hush money” trial, in which the former president was found guilty on all counts.

 Rubio appeared on Fox News with host Sean Hannity on Thursday night.

“This is a quintessential show trial,” Rubio, whose parents left Cuba for the United States in 1956, roughly two years before Communist dictator Fidel Castro rose to power, began. “This is what you see in communist countries. This is what I grew up having people in the [Cuban exile] community tell me about. It happened in the days after the Castro revolution. Obviously, those led to executions. This, on the other hand, is an effort to interfere in an election.”

“Let’s all be clear about what’s happening here,” he continued. “Joe Biden is clearly senile and declining. He’s clearly weak, which is why the world is on fire. He’s incompetent, which is why we have runaway inflation and a border that is being invaded every single day. And then add to all of that, he likes to lie. He tells people lies all the time about how great the economy is doing, how there is no problem at the border. The guy’s behind in the polls. He can’t win. The only chance they have to win this election is to keep Donald Trump in a courtroom.”

“In this particular case, they found themselves a Democrat judge,” he explained. “This judge gave money to Joe Biden in 2020. His daughter is a campaign consultant for Democrats who’s actually out there marketing ‘Convict Trump’ stuff. Then you’ve got a DA who basically said, ‘I am going to go after Trump and put him away,’ when he was running for office to get elected. He didn’t know what he was going to put him away for, but he promised to put him away for something. Then you have a jury … that lives in Manhattan, which voted 85% for Joe Biden.”

“And then what did they charge him with?” he asked rhetorically. “Donald Trump signed checks. And when he labeled the checks, he labeled them as payments to his lawyer, who, by the way, is a serial liar and the key witness in this case. He put ‘legal expenses,’ and that is what they convicted him on. But that’s not the goal here. The goal here is to keep him tied up in court. You think this judge sets that day three days before the [Republican national] convention is a coincidence? He knows exactly what day he set, and he knew exactly why he was doing it.”


“This is the most outrageous travesty I’ve ever seen,” he declared. “And the problem here is Democrats have crossed this line. They have crossed the line in which now the court system is a political weapon, and it’s going to be very hard for it not to come back the other way. I don’t want that … They’ve crossed the line now and let a genie out of a bottle that’s going to be hard to put back in place…”

“Down the road, we’re going to have to look at a way Democrats and Republicans, hopefully together, can prevent this kind of thing from happening again in the future. We cannot become one of those countries where people, once they leave office, are targeted through the court system by their political opponents. That’s what happens in Peru. That’s what’s happened in Brazil. That’s what’s happened in all these countries. It cannot happen here. And that is the direction we are headed right now with what’s happened here today,” he concluded.

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