Sunday 12 May 2024

SIGNS OF PANIC? CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Says Biden Should Adopt Trump’s Immigration Policies (VIDEO)


During a recent appearance on ‘Firing Line’ on PBS, CNN host Fareed Zakaria said that Joe Biden should adopt Trump’s immigration policies.

A cynical person might think this is more about Zakaria trying to help Biden win the election, and not about protecting the southern border.

Also, Zakaria doesn’t get everything right here. He uses the term ‘Muslim ban’ which is incorrect. He also repeats the claim that Trump told Republicans not to pass the immigration bill that Biden and Democrats offered, which doesn’t tell the whole story.

Townhall reported:

What a CNN Host Just Said About Trump and Illegal Immigration Shows That Hell Might Be Freezing Over

Is Joe Biden becoming the grim reaper for liberal media figures? I only say that because it feels that one by one, he’s making such prominent figures turn against him, even claiming that Trump-era policies were the correct ones on issues like illegal immigration. Of course, these folks will probably vote for Biden in November. Still, it’s saying something about the president where even CNN’s Fareed Zakaria says Biden must re-adopt Trump-era immigration policies. Zakaria was on PBS’ Firing Line with Margaret Hoover, where the GPS host said millions are especially gaming the asylum process…

So, is hell freezing over? 

Biden is so wrong that CNN hosts are saying Trump’s immigration agenda was not just better but correct. We all knew when Biden issued those infamous executive orders reversing the border policies at the border. We now have millions pouring in, receiving better treatment than American citizens in some cases.

Watch the video below:

Even if Biden changed his approach and adopted Trump’s policies, it’s too late. People would assume he was doing it just for the sake of the election and would open the border again after November.

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