Friday 24 May 2024

Professional Tattletales At Soros-Backed Outlet MMfA Just Got Axed, And Conservatives Have Thoughts

 For years, the reporters at Soros-backed outlet Media Matters for America (MMfA) have made it their mission to report on conservative outlets and pundits with the express goal of getting them fired or canceled — and now that mass layoffs have impacted them, conservatives are weighing in.

The abrupt termination of multiple staffers — some of whom have been employed with the outlet for years — followed federal probes spearheaded by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton into allegations that MMfA had perpetrated fraud by creating and sharing manipulated data on X.

Several of the outlet’s now-ex employees took to X to complain about their abrupt termination, and to a man, each claimed that they had been fired because they were “too effective” at holding conservatives to account.

But conservatives, many of whom have been personally targeted by MMfA over the years, took a different view of the situation.

Radio host Dana Loesch explained, “MMFA is a garbage activist unit bankrolled by communists. They tried and failed to take me off air so many times — they even assigned a reporter [to] follow me to my events — they did this to EVERY conservative, not just me. They messed with @elonmusk and found out. Hallelujah.”

The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles weighed in as well, saying, “.@MMFA has tried on at least 228 occasions to get me fired and ostracized. They have so far been unsuccessful. But today, many of them were fired themselves. One hopes that they will come out of it all right and turn their lives and labor to more edifying pursuits.”

“Media Matters spread a hoax report where they deceitfully manipulated X’s algorithm to place ads next to posts they deemed controversial. This pressured advertisers to leave X causing X to suffer massive financial losses. The Missouri AG filed a lawsuit and now MM is doing massive layoffs,” LibsofTikTok posted. “No sympathy from me for this trash organization!”

Musk replied to her post, saying, “That is exactly what happened.”

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