Friday 3 May 2024

Police Officers Prevent Possible Mass Shooting, Kill Armed Teenage Boy Outside Middle School

 Late Wednesday morning, police officers in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin prevented what could have been a horrific situation when they shot and killed a 14-year-old boy armed with a weapon, reportedly a long gun, outside the district’s middle school.

According to Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, the armed teenager was a student in the Mount Horeb School District, roughly 20 miles west of Madison. The high school in the district is across the street from the middle school.

“For a period of time today there was concern that there was an ongoing threat related to this incident. We currently believe that there is no ongoing threat to public safety. But again, this is an ongoing investigation, and we will update the public if any additional threat to safety is discovered,” Kaul stated.

“An initial search of the middle school has not yielded additional suspects. As importantly, we have no reports of individuals being harmed, with the exception of the alleged assailant,” the school district wrote in a deleted Facebook post. “Intermediate center students evacuated. There was no threat at that location. Buses are aware and preparing to escort them to our reunification site. we will be updating you with details shortly. We are in the process right now of a systematic release of middle school students to use restrooms interior to the middle school. They are not being released at this time. You would be so proud of our students and staff, and we’re so grateful for our first responders. We will keep you updated.”

“A police source told CBS 58 the gunman opened fire on a group of students who were taking part in an activity outside the school, but he missed everyone before officers shot and killed him. Kaul would not confirm that detail, but he said multiple officers were on leave because of their role in the response, including a school resource officer,” CBS 58 reported.

Mount Horeb School District schools will be open on Thursday. School District Superintendent Steve Salerno said, “It is our hope that based upon the tone and tenor of those visits…that we can bring students and staff back on Friday. We’ll have a decision on that some point here in the near future. But at this point, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and work shoulder to shoulder with our amazing law enforcement, first responders who came to help support and protect our young people.”

“This could have been a far worse tragedy,” he added. “We’re beyond grateful for the community’s support of our beautiful children and our loving staff.”

“Due to safety precautions taken by our Schools, the shooter was never able to enter the building,” Mount Horeb Village president Ryan Czyzewski and Mount Horeb Chamber Board chair Kara Brandemuehl stated. “The collaboration and coordination between our community’s first responders and School District exemplified the highest standards of professionalism and dedication.”

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