Friday 3 May 2024

Police Move In On Anti-Israel Encampment At UCLA, Make Dozens Of Arrests

 Police moved in early Thursday morning to start breaking up an encampment set up by anti-Israel protesters at UCLA, arresting dozens of individuals. 

At around 3:00 a.m. local time, police moved in and started making arrests at the encampment on the campus’ Dickson Plaza, according to NBC News. Flashbangs were used by California Highway Patrol to help authorities break the lines of the encampment. 

“AVOID THE AREA of Dickson Plaza due police activity; Police have ordered an evacuation of Dickson Plaza due to an unlawful assembly. DO NOT re-enter the area of Dickson Plaza & follow the direction of public safety personnel,” campus officials said on Thursday in a safety alert. “The University requires that everyone must leave the encampment and adjacent areas, as well as all unauthorized structures and tents immediately, until further notice.”

Protesters were previously told to leave by campus authorities after days of camping out to protest Israel’s war with Hamas. On Wednesday, authorities said that the encampment was unlawful even as occupiers demanded that they be supplied with food and other supplies. That came after anti-Israel protesters clashed with a group of counter-protesters on Tuesday.

Videos posted online show police attempting to break through the lines of protesters, some of whom are wearing helmets and goggles. 

Police in riot gear can also be seen clearing away boards, metal barriers, and other objects used by the occupiers to barricade their camp. 

Some protesters have resisted the police, throwing items and yelling things like “We’re not leaving! You don’t scare us!” and “free Palestine.”


The arrests at UCLA comes as police have intervened at other anti-Israel encampments across the country, including at Columbia University and Dartmouth University. On Tuesday night, the NYPD swarmed Hamilton Hall at Columbia, which had been occupied by protesters, and made dozens of arrests.

At Dartmouth in New Hampshire, police arrested around 90 protesters who had refused to leave the illegal campus camp they had set up, according to ABC News. 

“State police mobilized to support local law enforcement at UNH + [Dartmouth] to quickly address the encampments, which violate school policies,” said New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu on X. “Thanks to all those who worked with UNH & Dartmouth to provide on-the-ground support. Peaceful protests are fine, breaking the law is not.”

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