Thursday 9 May 2024

MSNBC Host Lawrence O’Donnell Compares Porn Actress Stormy Daniels to a “Modest Nun” (Video)


Lawrence O’Donnell

Fresh off being mocked by Donald Trump on social media, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell launched into a creepy description of Stormy Daniels after her Tuesday appearance on the stand and compared the porn actress to a  “modest nun.”

On ‘The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights,’ O’Donnell couldn’t hide the ick.

In the hushed voice of a romance novel narrator, O’Donnell uttered breathlessly,  “Well, the excitement and anticipation in the room hit a new high. At 10:32 am, she entered wearing all black as if on her way to a funeral. The loose-fitting plain black clothing draping from her shoulders to her toes suggested the modesty of a nun,” he said, referring to Daniels.

“The makeup was minimal, the way she and the other moms in her neighborhood might look when shopping at the local grocery store.”

“The long blonde hair held up with a clip at the back of her head the way it might be in a utilitarian way while she was doing dishes or checking one of the Horseshoes on her horse she later spoke of so proudly.”

“When she walked by him, her face had the same expressionless somber look that all the jurors always have when they walk by him. Looking at the floor she didn’t look at him,” he added.

Watch (if you can stomach it):

Perhaps O’Donnell was still licking his wounds after Donald Trump provided his thoughts on O’Donnell’s courtroom appearance.

“I spotted Ratings Challenged Lawrence O’Donnell, of MSDNC, in the Courthouse today. I haven’t seen him in years, He looks like shit, a real loser,” Trump wrote.

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