Saturday 25 May 2024

House Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries Threatens ‘MAGA Extremists’ on Supreme Court, Warns Congress Must Get Them ‘Under Control’ (VIDEO)


House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has launched a scathing attack against the originalist judges on the Supreme Court, describing them as “MAGA extremists” who need to be reigned in by Congress.

In an appearance on MSNBC’s Deadline, Jeffries warned that the Court must be controlled with a “legislative effort to implement an ethical code of conduct.”

He explained:

This is part of the challenge that we confront with the runaway Supreme Court that appears to want to conduct itself as if the Judiciary is above the law. For years, members of Congress in both the House and the Senate have indicated that it’s time for the Supreme Court to have an ethical code of conduct that is enforceable.”

Last year, Chief Justice Roberts did implement a code of conduct, but it appears to be voluntary and is being ignored. And so, as a result of that, the first opportunity that we have in the Congress, I believe we need to have a real conversation about a legislative effort to implement an ethical code of conduct on the Supreme Court that is enforceable. They are the only branch of government currently that can operate with impunity.

Congress has an ethical code of conduct enforceable under law. The executive branch has an ethical code of conduct enforceable under law. We’ve got to get the MAGA extremists on the Supreme Court under control.

His comments come as Democrats continue to freak out about Justice Samuel Alito after he reportedly flew an upside-down American flag at his Alexandria, Virginia, home in protest of the widespread voter fraud that took place during the 2020 presidential election.

In a statement to the far-left New York Times, Alito said that he had no involvement in the flying of the flag. “I had no involvement whatsoever in the flying of the flag,” Alito told the Times. “It was briefly placed by Mrs. Alito in response to a neighbor’s use of objectionable and personally insulting language on yard signs.”

According to Fox News anchor Shannon Bream, Alito’s nasty leftist neighbor also called his wife a “c*nt.”

“I spoke directly with Justice Alito about the flag story in the NYT,” she said. “In addition to what’s in the story, he told me a neighbor on their street had an “F— Trump” sign that was within 50 feet of where children await the school bus in Jan 21. Mrs. Alito brought this up with the neighbor.”

Since Biden seized power in January 2021, the Supreme Court has blocked vast swathes of his agenda, including his planned nationwide vaccine mandate.

As a result, Democrats have made no secret of their plan to expand and pack the court if they have the votes to do so. Just last year, a group of Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill seeking to expand the court from 9 to 13 justices with a view to overturning the current conservative majority.

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