Thursday 16 May 2024

CNN Reporter Blasted For Helping Hawk Biden Merch Ahead Of Debate

 CNN reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere took some heat on Wednesday over an X post which appeared to be promoting anti-Trump debate-related merchandise available on President Joe Biden’s campaign website.

“… and the Biden campaign leans into the debate and trial Trump trolling, with a new ‘Free on Wednesdays’ T-shirt for sale in its online shop,” Dovere posted, sharing a photo of the t-shirt and a link to Biden’s campaign website.

The new t-shirt comes on the heels of Biden throwing down the gauntlet in a video, telling former President Donald Trump to “make my day” and agree to debates. The shirt’s message — “free on Wednesdays” — is an attempt to jab at the former president’s ongoing Manhattan hush-money trial, which is scheduled to run Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays until its conclusion.

“Oh nothing. Just a CNN reporter linking to and promoting a campaign’s merch shop,” Stephen L. Miller posted in response.

“Nothing to see here, just a CNN reporter promoting Biden merchandise. And remember, Trump only ‘attacks’ and ‘insults’ while Biden ‘leans’ and ‘trolls.'” Joe Concha added.

“CNN reporters are now promoting Biden campaign merchandise. Seems like an issue,” RedState’s Bonchie posted.

“Guy who said he’s the opposition to authoritarianism is bragging about putting his political opponent through a clearly politically motivated trial,” Amy Curtis said.

Doug Powers asked, “Do CNN ‘reporters’ get sales commission if they move Biden merch? Probably not, because who the hell buys and wears Biden merch?”

Trump responded to the challenge, despite a litany of requirements presented by Biden — from demanding friendly outlets and moderators and refusing to debate in front of an audience — and within hours, the two had at least tentatively agreed to a June debate that would be hosted by CNN. Later reporting indicate that a second debate — to be hosted in September by ABC — had also been penciled in to both candidates’ schedules.

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