Monday 29 April 2024

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Issues Warning of Alligators in Rio Grande: ‘Cross at Your Own Risk’


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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) issued a dire warning to migrants thinking of crossing the Rio Grande River, reminding them of alligators in the water.

Abbott shared a video on X on Sunday evening of an alligator in the Rio Grande, the river between the Texas border and the Mexico border.

“Alligators are in the Rio Grande,” Abbott wrote. “FYI there are warning signs posted in some sectors. Cross at your own risk.”

A resident of Eagle Pass recorded the alligator while fishing on the river.

In May 2023, Abbott shared a video of an alligator in the Rio Grande River that the Texas National Guard spotted.

In July 2019, Border Patrol Agents expressed fear to the Washington Examiner that alligators in the Rio Grande River might attack migrants attempting to cross into the United States.

Videos of alligators have also circulated throughout the years, with officials adding that while it is rare to see an alligator in the Rio Grande River, it is not as uncommon as people think, according to KGNS News.

A floating buoy barrier was placed in the Rio Grande River in an attempt to deter migrants from crossing into the U.S., which the Department of Justice contested. In January, Texas set a rehearing with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit to be held in May 2024, regarding the floating buoy system.

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