Friday 5 April 2024

Poor Jimmy Kimmel Can’t Understand Why Trump is Polling Better Than Biden in so Many Swing States: ‘How Can This Be?’ (VIDEO)


Jimmy Kimmel just doesn’t get it. He can’t understand why Trump is polling so much better than Joe Biden in so many swing states.

A new Wall Street Journal poll that was just published this week confirms this.

Kimmel is just a typical Hollywood leftist with Trump Derangement Syndrome. He is so consumed by his hatred of Trump that he is blind to the reality that millions of other Americans can see clearly.

Breitbart News reported:


Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Struggles to Understand Trump Trouncing Biden in Several Polls: ‘How Could This Be’

Jimmy Kimmel is a little dazed, confused and somewhat perplexed after a poll revealed Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in several crucial swing states ahead of the 2024 presidential election, prompting him to ask: “How could this be?”

Kimmel revealed his inner turmoil during his monologue on Wednesday’s episode of his ABC show, claiming many ex-associates of the former president have spoken out against him, therefore concluding Trump “doesn’t even lead in a poll of people who worked for him.”

The host’s “headache” was sparked by a poll released earlier Monday by the Wall Street Journal that set out Trump is polling ahead of President Biden in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania…

In six of the seven top swing states, Trump leads Biden, reversing Biden’s 2020 success in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona.

1. Pennsylvania: Trump 47 percent (+3) Biden 44 percent
2. Nevada: Trump 48 percent (+4) Biden 44 percent
3. Michigan: Trump 48 percent (+3) Biden 45 percent
4. North Carolina: Trump 49 percent (+6) Biden 43 percent
5. Arizona: Trump 47 percent (+5) Biden 42 percent
6. Wisconsin: Biden 46 percent (=) Trump 46 percent
7. Georgia: Trump 44 percent (+1) Biden 43 percent

This video is cued to start at the 1:58 mark if you want to watch:

It’s amazing that this is what passes for late night ‘entertainme

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