Wednesday 17 April 2024

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Celebrates Budget Gains with $2.4 Billion for Migrants

 On Monday, New York’s Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul celebrated her victory of getting mostly everything she wanted in her $237 billion budget fight, including an additional $2.4 billion in spending for migrants.

Hochul boasted that she beat politics as usual, saying, “I heard way too often for my tastes: That’s always how it’s been done. That’s never worked for me, it never will. We had some very tough conversations for how we can change the entrenched status quo,” Politico reported.

Indeed, the budget plan includes $4 billion more than she asked for in January.

The Associated Press noted that the budget includes $2.4 billion to care for the continued influx of Joe Biden’s illegal aliens.

While Hochul is exultant over the budget win, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is still unhappy after he did not get the $6 billion in spending for migrants that he suggested.

The spending for migrants will go to short-term shelters, health care, and also more permanent housing.

The plan also includes spending to aid migrants for legal fees for work-permits, and asylum applications.

Hochul’s announcement comes on the heels of mass protests by illegals, mostly from Africa, who are demanding more benefits.

According to the Associated Press, some 1,500 migrants gathered to protest on City Hall Park after it became clear that many would not be allowed inside for a hearing.

City officials note that migrants from Africa are usually young men who most often arrive without any families and are, therefore, not eligible for shelters.

UNITED STATES -August 2: Hundreds of African migrants are seen outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan early Wednesday August 2, 2023. The asylum seekers are camping outside the Roosevelt Hotel as the Manhattan relief center is at capacity. Mayor Adams and his administration is looking to house migrants on several soccer fields on Randalls Island prompting outrage from local stakeholders who worry the plan would cut off access to recreational activities for thousands of city children. (Photo by Luiz C. Ribeiro for NY Daily News via Getty Images)

New York Republican Chairman Ed Cox slammed Hochul over her budget win, calling the Democrats’ housing problem a disaster.

“Governor Hochul and legislative Democrats continue to ignore reality regarding housing. Their policies will continue to mean fewer housing choices, less investment in new housing, and a continued deterioration of existing housing stock,” Cox said in a statement after the gov. announced her budget deal.

“Socialist schemes such as so-called ‘good cause eviction’ will only make the situation worse. Now they want to export the decades-long failed housing policies in New York City to the rest of the state. These policies are doomed to failure.”

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