Wednesday 17 April 2024

Kemp Slams Republicans ‘Bickering Amongst Themselves’ In The U.S. House

 Georgia Governor Brian Kemp slammed House Republicans on Tuesday who were trying to force House Speaker Mike Johnson out of his position, thus throwing the U.S. House of Representatives into chaos.

Kemp directed his remarks at Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), who posted on X that he was supporting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) motion to vacate the speakership.

“I just told Mike Johnson in conference that I’m cosponsoring the Motion to Vacate that was introduced by @RepMTG,” Massie posted. “He should pre-announce his resignation (as Boehner did), so we can pick a new Speaker without ever being without a GOP Speaker.”

Kemp responded: “Instead of bickering amongst themselves and handing Democrats control of the House, Republicans should do their damn job and vote on the important issues facing our nation. Enough is enough. I support @SpeakerJohnson.”

The effort by Greene and Massie to oust Johnson comes after former President Donald Trump held a press conference with Johnson where he backed up the House Speaker.

Trump said at the event on Friday that Johnson was “doing a really good job under very tough circumstances,” adding: “I stand with the speaker, we’ve had a very good relationship.”


“We’re getting along very well with the Speaker and I get along very well with Marjorie. We have a Speaker who was voted in and it was a complicated process … it’s not an easy situation for any Speaker,” Trump later added. “I think he’s doing a very good job, he’s doing about as good as you’re going to do and I’m sure that Marjorie understands that. She’s a very good friend of mine and I know she has a lot of respect for the speaker.”

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