Monday 15 April 2024

“It’s an Assault on America, Nothing Like This Has Ever Happened Before – This Is a Political Persecution” – President Trump Speaks to Reporters Before Latest Lawfare Trial in NYC Begins (VIDEO)

esident Trump speaks to reporters prior to his latest lawfare case on a noncrime in New York City.

President Trump was dragged off the campaign trail again on Monday to face a hostile courtroom in New York City where the far left judge and Soros-funded District Attorney are charging President Trump with non-crimes that have to do with accounting. DA Alvin Bragg has yet to clearly define what exactly Trump did wrong in this latest New York City lawfare fiasco.

President Trump spoke with reporters briefly before the jury selection began today.

President Trump: This is an assault on America. Nothing like this has ever happened before. There’s never been anything like it. Every legal scholar said this case is nonsense. It should never have been brought. It doesn’t deserve anything like this. There is no case, and they’ve said it. People that don’t necessarily follow or like Donald Trump said this is an outrage that this case was brought. This is political persecution. This is a persecution like never before. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. 

Again, it’s a case that should have never been brought. It’s an assault on America. That’s why I’m very proud to be here. This is an assault on our country. It’s a country that’s failing. It’s a country that’s run by an incompetent man who’s very much involved in this case. This is really an attack on a political opponent. That’s all it is. I’m very honored to be here. Thank you very, very much. 

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