Sunday 14 April 2024

Israel’s Military Changes Defensive Guidelines For Citizens, Closes All Schools, Limits Large Gatherings

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced shortly after sundown that it was changing its Home Front Command’s defensive guidelines because new intelligence indicated that the Islamic Republic of Iran was imminently planning to launch attacks against Israel.

The new guidelines will be in effect for the next two days, according to the IDF. Social gatherings in the country can have no more than 1,000 people and all “educational activities are prohibited.”

In the Gaza Envelope, restrictions are even tighter, with outdoor gatherings limited to 100 people, indoor gatherings limited to 300 people, and all beaches closed to the public. Workplaces can operate if employees have the ability to reach a “standard protected space” within a reasonable amount of time.

In areas that are defined as “confrontation line,” outdoor gatherings are limited to 30 people.

A U.S. official told Al Jazeera that there was a “high possibility that Iran will launch its attack on Israel during the early hours of tomorrow, Sunday.”


U.S. intelligence officials believe that an attack from Iran is likely to include a mix of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and suicide drones.

If the munitions are launched from inside Iran, it would take 12 minutes for a ballistic missile to hit Israel, 2 hours for cruise missiles, and 9 hours for drones, according to Israeli media.

Officials believe that Iran is trying to launch an attack significant enough so that it does not appear weak to its citizens while not striking hard enough that it warrants the U.S. getting involved.

Israel has already indicated that it will not hesitate to take preemptive action to stop attacks from happening and that if Iran strikes, it will respond directly and may target Iran’s nuclear facilities and potentially its top leadership.

“Iran has been acting against us for years — directly and via proxies. And, therefore, Israel acts against Iran and its proxies — defensively and offensively,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “We will know how to defend ourselves, and we will act according to the simple principle: that those who harm us or plan to harm us, we will harm.”

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