Sunday 21 April 2024

Gov. Newsom: GOP Has Been on a ‘Cultural Purge, a Banning Binge’


Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) Sunday on MSNBC’s “Inside” that Republicans have been on a “cultural purge” and a “banning binge” while discussing abortion laws.

Newsom said, “The fact that we now have a been going back to 1864, and they are celebrating. I thought the Republican Party wanted to put a wrecking ball to the 21st century, now they want to create the 19th century. It is chilling and goes well beyond the issue of women’s reproductive care.”

Host Jen Psaki said, “Which is really important. When we sat down in Alabama about a year ago you kind of warned of this. That they could be going after LGBTQ rights, contraception could be next. What is next? What should people be bracing themselves for if these politics continue to run as they are?”

Newsom said, “They have been on a cultural purge, a banning binge, censoring historical facts and rewriting history. It has happened out in the open, not just talking about rights regressions in state but the nationalization of rights being regressed. Everybody watching knows that if Donald Trump becomes president of the United States he will sign a national abortion ban. He is the one that is responsible for the conditions that persist today, those continue to persist as it relates to the rights that are being vandalized by the United States Supreme Court.”

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