Friday 19 April 2024

Exclusive — New York City Councilwoman: Illegals in NY Making Demands in Most ‘Unrealistic Manner’

 Illegal immigrants in New York City are making demands in the “most unrealistic manner,” New York City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino said during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily after discussing a controversial committee hearing which featured illegal immigrants complaining about the city’s accommodations to them.

Paladino discussed her viral moment at the joint committee hearing, where members listened to the testimonies of hundreds of illegal African migrants in the city. She was shocked by how it went down.

“I never heard a bunch of whining, crying. These are people making demands on New York in the most unrealistic manner. We have jumped off a cliff here. When we listen to people demand, demand — that we are racist. … They hate us. Why did you bother coming here?” she asked, noting that they claimed that they were racist because they were offered tampons and “Africans do not use tampons, how dare you!”

“This is how bold they were. The food, we don’t eat this food, we need, we must have, everything was we must have. And I just said, ‘Hey, look, you know, you came here illegally. You’re unhappy here. What do you — what do you want?'” she said. “‘How much more do you want? When is enough enough? This is really, totally unrealistic for our city. It’s been unrealistic since it started a year and some months ago.'”

Paladino said it was difficult to listen to a group of people who “speak 3,000 different languages demand New York fit their needs. … You know, we got them on a $1,500 a month debit card. Why? Because they don’t like the food,” she said, noting that they have seen garbage bags from them filled with the food they were given, which she said amounted to three meals a day plus snacks.

Paladino said the demands were out of control, and when she addressed the ridiculous tone of the illegal immigrants, she was cut off by her colleagues.

“One of my colleagues who went after me called me a xenophobe. And I’ve had it and I said I object to that. I object to that,” she said, noting she used the proper tone and also “articulated you know, a certain amount of sympathy for these people.”

“When they disregard you and call you a racist and a xenophobe and they hate New York and all this, all that we’ve been giving them, give me a break. … Everybody’s had it. We’re done,” she said.


She continued, noting that the illegal immigrants moaned, groaned, and complained.

“I stayed for just the first two and a half hours. And then I said my piece but I won’t be mistreated by my colleagues. I will not be mistreated by my colleagues and called a xenophobe simply because I said New York cannot handle what it is that you need. And I don’t know what you expected when you came here, because your demands are just off the charts,” she said.

“And we’ve listened to many different groups of migrants, okay, over the last year. We’ve had hearings for everybody. Open hearings. And this was by far the most demanding, arrogant, forceful hearing,” she added.

“It was horrible,” she said, describing the demands as “absolutely unrealistic” and noting that she was cut off after using the word “illegally.”

“When they really cut me off is when I said you are here illegally. You are here illegally. And they didn’t like that. And that’s when one of the chairman, chairwoman cut me off. And she said, ‘Councilmember, do you have a question? Councilmember. Do you have a question?’ I said, ‘Yes, I asked it, and I do have more.'”

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