Tuesday 9 April 2024

D.C. Police Not Stopping Illegal Aliens Driving Without License Plates: Report

 Police in the nation’s capital are not stopping illegal aliens who are driving around without license plates, according to a new report.

The Daily Signal interviewed numerous individuals who admitted to being in the U.S. illegally and working as food delivery drivers using motorbikes that do not have license plates, indicating that the vehicles are not insured or registered.

D.C. law forces virtually every type of  motorized vehicle to be registered and to display a license plate while the operator of the vehicle must be insured and possess a valid driver’s license.

The publication launched an investigation into the uptick of motorized bikes buzzing around D.C. without license plates and found that D.C. police “do not appear to be enforcing registration laws.”

Retailers of motorized bikes in the area said that the D.C. police “don’t give any attention” to the illegal aliens breaking the law by driving around without a license or license plate.

The report said that the store, which was not identified, assisted in helping the illegal aliens break the law:

The bike shop employee said drivers don’t need a license to operate a 49cc (or lower) bike. He then proceeded to explain that the shop only sells 50+ cc bikes before showing The Daily Signal a drawer full of license plates that read “49cc.”

The seller, unaware that he was speaking to members of the media, said the shop puts “49cc” plates on the bikes to deflect suspicion over the actual motor size.

The publication spoke to roughly a dozen people driving around without license plates and most of the drivers said that they “had crossed the southern border illegally.”

None of the drivers, including one-U.S. citizen, had a legitimate license plate and none of the drivers would identify themselves.

The illegal aliens confirmed that D.C. police do nothing to enforce the law when it comes to having the proper license, registration, and insurance.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department claimed to the publication that the illegal aliens who were illegally operating the motorized bikes were “testing their luck.”

D.C. police claimed to the publication that they were “working to strengthen MPD’s traffic enforcement.”

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