Wednesday 24 April 2024

‘Conspiratorial Nonsense’: Cori Bush Blasted For Using ‘Ferguson Activist’ Cred To Excuse Anti-Semitic Protests

 Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) got some serious backlash after she attempted to parlay her personal experience protesting in Ferguson, Missouri, into a defense of the anti-Israel — and often anti-Semitic — protests sweeping across college campuses like Columbia University.

Bush, who has often touted her “street cred” as a protester in Ferguson, claimed that she had witnessed firsthand what happened when protests were “infiltrated” by people who wanted to make them appear violent and lawless.

“As a Ferguson activist, I know what it’s like to have agitators infiltrate our movement, manipulate the press, & fuel the suppression of dissent by public officials & law enforcement. We must reject these tactics to silence anti-war activists demanding divestment from genocide,” she posted via X.

But as many critics were quick to point out, the protests in Ferguson were based on a lie — “Hands up, don’t shoot!” — claiming that 18-year-old Michael Brown had not been attempting to attack police officer Darren Wilson and take his gun when he was shot and killed.

In the weeks following Brown’s death, protesters attacked police and burned their own city to the ground — destroying businesses and decimating property values. Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary — including an assessment made by former Attorney General Eric Holder — many, like Bush, still maintain that Brown was “murdered.”

“Thanks for reminding everyone that you supported criminal riots, demanded defunding police so others don’t have protection from the rioting, and then used campaign funds (currently under DoJ investigation) to get security for yourself,” AG (@aghamilton29) posted.

“Also a great reminder here that Officer Darren Wilson’s shooting was cleared by AG Eric Holder’s DOJ and Michael Brown was on recorded video strangling and shoplifting from a local Bodega owner,” Stephen Miller added.

“This is conspiratorial nonsense that would crumble under even the most basic questions from journalists. Now ask yourselves why journalists aren’t pressuring her for details on these claims,” Miller said in another post.

“For years they boldly and proudly boasted the violence was not only justified, but necessary for their resistance movement. ‘Make people uncomfortable! Get in their faces!!’ Now that it’s out of their control and is hurting their cause, it’s, ‘No no! Those are INFILTRATORS,'” said Chad Felix Greene.


Bush’s defense of the anti-Semitic campus protests mirrored almost exactly the words of Rep. Ilhan Omar — whose daughter was among those arrested at Columbia University for instigating the protests.

“Throughout history, protests were co-opted and made to look bad so police and public leaders would shut them down. That’s what we are seeing now at Columbia University,” Omar claimed. “The Columbia protesters have made clear their demands and want their school not to be complacent in the ongoing Genocide in Gaza. Public officials and media making this about anything else are inflaming the situation and need to bring calmness and sanity back.”

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