Monday 1 April 2024

Cartoon Network Goes All In On Trans ‘Day Of Visibility,’ Makes No Mention Of Easter

 Cartoon Network made sure to post in celebration of the Transgender Day of Visibility on Sunday, but made no mention of the fact that Easter Sunday also fell on March 31st this year — this despite the fact that 1.6 million Americans over 13 identify as transgender, and over 200 million identify as Christian and presumably celebrate Easter.

In a post on Instagram, the cable channel’s official account shared a picture of what appeared to be a rainbow in just the colors of the pink, white, and blue transgender pride flag. The same picture appeared several times in a carousel that included different affirmative captions for each frame:

  • I am growing into my fullest self.
  • My body belongs to me.
  • I love who I am, and who I will become.
  • I am not alone in my journey.
  • My existence is revolutionary.
  • I belong, just as much as everyone else.
  • Only I can decide who I am.
  • My identity is a process, not a race.
  • I am needed, and I am loved.
  • I deserve peace and safety.

The post read, “Affirmations for our trans and gender non-conforming family. You are valid, just as you are” — and a follow up comment added, “We’re not doing hate today. Be kind or be blocked.”

The cable network, which typically gears the majority of its daytime programming toward an audience of children, has waded into the culture war in the past as well – and has routinely pushed radical gender ideology whenever given the opportunity.

For 2023’s Transgender visibility Day, Cartoon Network posted the following on X: “Addressing someone using their pronouns and name shows that you RESPECT them as their authentic self! We celebrate the journey of our trans and gender-non-conforming friends on this #TransgenderDayofVisibility!

An episode of “We Baby Bears” that aired just a few months later included a “non-binary inclusive” story line that focused on the usage of preferred pronouns and dropped just in time to coincide with PRIDE Month.

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