Sunday 28 April 2024

Biden Turns To Steven Spielberg For Messaging Strategy As Poll Numbers Lag

 President Joe Biden has reportedly turned to Hollywood director Steven Spielberg for political “strategy” as he campaigns for re-election against former President Donald Trump. 

Spielberg, known for directing hit films like “ET” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” has been giving Biden advice on messaging for the Democratic National Committee in August. The news was first reported by Puck and confirmed by NBC News. 

“Starting a few months ago, Spielberg has participated in multiple strategy sessions on how to best tell the president’s story, his accomplishments, and his vision for a second term,” Puck reported. “Spielberg is a big Biden fundraiser, of course, and his friend and former DreamWorks business partner Jeffrey Katzenberg is a chair of the Biden campaign.”

Spielberg has been a big supporter of Biden, has been a major Democratic donor for years, giving millions to Democratic candidates and PACs. In December, he attended another fundraising event for Biden with other Hollywood stars including Rob Reiner and Barbara Streisand. 

The Biden campaign is currently working to organize another fundraiser with Hollywood notables in Los Angeles featuring both Biden and former President Barack Obama. 

The fundraiser, being scheduled for June, is set to be hosted by Katzenberg and actor George Clooney, Axios reported on Thursday. Biden previously attended a New York fundraiser alongside Obama and former President Bill Clinton that raised $26 million. 

The Biden campaign has a massive cash advantage over Trump, who has been bogged down with legal troubles. However, the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee have posted strong numbers in recent months. 


The Trump campaign and the RNC reported a March fundraising haul of $65.6 million, giving the former president $93.1 million cash on hand as he attempts to catch up to the Biden campaign, which had $192 million at the end of the same time period. 

While Biden continues to dominate with fundraising, Trump boasts a polling lead nationally and in seven major battleground states, according to the RealClearPolitics average. Recent polling shows that much of Biden’s struggles relate to his handling of the economy and the border, top issues for American voters.

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