Tuesday 5 March 2024

“We Want to Send a Signal – A Freight Train Is Coming… If We Don’t Win This Next Election I Think Our Country Is Finished” – President Trump Calls on MAGA Nation to Get Out and Vote on Super Tuesday (VIDEO)


President Trump speaks to Brian Glenn at Mar-a-Lago

On Monday night, President Trump held an interview with Brian Glenn from Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) and a crowd of supporters at Mar-a-Lago.

This was another particularly good day for President Trump and the American people as the Supreme Court shot down the radical left Marxists who attempted to remove President Trump from the ballot in several states because they fear him and his historic people-powered movement. The court’s ruling was 9-0 – even the unserious leftist justices could not swallow that BS.

During his interview with Glenn, President Trump called on his millions of supporters to get out and vote on Super Tuesday.

Trump told the crowd, “We want to send a signal that we’re coming. A freight train is coming.”

President Trump added, “If we do not win this election our country is finished.”


President Trump: “It really does send a signal if you can get out to vote tomorrow, get your husband, get your wife, get your friends, get their friends because we want to send a signal that we’re coming. This freight train is coming. 

And we have to do that and we have to do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow, they call it Super Tuesday for a reason and I think it’s going to be record setting. I think, I hope so. 

But that sends the signal because what we’re really doing is we’re aiming at that November 5 date. And I said it at the beginning and I’ll say it now as we close up. It’s going to be I think the most important date, the most important date and day in the history of our country. We’re going to take our country back and if we don’t win this next election, I think our country is finished. I really do. I think it’s finished.

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