Sunday 24 March 2024

WATCH: Clueless Kamala Harris Claps Along to Puerto Rican Protest Song Then Stops After Learning What the Band is Actually Singing


Credit: @RNCResearch

Kamala Harris was captured on video clapping to a protest song during her visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Friday, then stopping after an aide informed her what the song’s words were and who they were directed toward. 

As NBC News reported, the purpose of Harris’s trip to the U.S. territory is to highlight Joe Biden’s supposed “commitment to supporting Puerto Rico’s recovery” following hurricanes, earthquakes and the Covid-19 pandemic — with a special focus in promoting the administration’s investments on the island’s infrastructure and economic recovery initiatives.”

Fox News revealed after making remarks at a residential home outside San Juan that was damaged during Hurricane Maria, Harris’s motorcade arrived at the Goyoco community center located in the island’s capital where a mix of several furious protesters on the sidewalk greeted them. One demonstrator held a sign that said “Kamala Harris war criminal,” while another called the USA and Israel “genocidal.”

Harris stopped in a courtyard within the community center where she and two other individuals next to her listened as a six-member group of musicians played. The Associated Press identified the two individuals as Mariana Reyes, executive director at La Goyco, while the man was Frankie Miranda, Hispanic Federation president. 

Video footage captured by RNC Research, an account run by the Republican National Committee, showed Harris clapping her hands and smiling as she listened to the lyrics. As Fox News notes, singers then performed accompanied by a piano.


Harris continued clapping until Reyes turned around and told her what they were singing. 

It turns out the band was savagely roasting the clueless Harris, jabbing at her over Haiti and the Israel-Hamas war. As Gateway Pundit readers know, the radical left has been particularly enraged the Biden regime has not done enough to push Israel to throw in the towel against the Islamist terrorists. 

“We want to know, Kamala, what did you come here for?” they sang. “We want to know what you think of the neighborhood.” 

“Long live Free Palestine and Haiti too!” the singers continued.


Harris stops clapping and nods along as the band continues to blast her. Miranda continued to clap along, however politely.

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