Sunday 3 March 2024

Trump Dominates Idaho Caucus, Wins By 70+ Points

 Former President Donald Trump dominated the Idaho Republican Party caucus on Saturday, securing yet another win in the GOP’s presidential nominating process.

With 77% of the votes counted, Trump towered over former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, 84.6% to 13.5%, according to the Associated Press.

Idaho GOP Chairwoman Dorothy Moon’s said in a statement that Trump won all of the state’s national delegates.

“Idaho has reaffirmed its steadfast support for President Trump today,” she said. “We recognize that our state stands as a beacon of support for Republican ideals, reaffirming Idaho’s status as ‘Trump Country’ with his resounding victory in our caucus. The enthusiasm and dedication of supporters in Idaho is emblematic of the strength and unity of our party. Trump’s agenda is what strengthened our nation before, and it will once more. To secure our southern border, grow our flailing economy, and shield our nation from the radical leftist agenda, it is imperative that we rally together as a united party.”

The contest was the second election of the day that he won after he blew out Haley in Missouri, winning all of the state’s 924 statewide delegates while Haley secured 0.

Trump also won all 39 delegates that were available in Michigan’s district caucuses on Saturday, bringing the total number of delegates he has to 247 nationwide. Haley only has 24 delegates.

Trump could come close to officially clinching the Republican Party presidential nomination this week on Super Tuesday as there are 874 delegates up for grabs.

Assuming that things continue to go his way, the earliest Trump could wrap up the primary is on March 12 when Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Washington hold their contests.

Trump has so far won handily in Iowa (caucus), New Hampshire (primary), Nevada (caucus and primary), Virgin Islands, South Carolina, and Michigan.

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