Saturday 23 March 2024

‘Pull Off A Leg Or Two’: Footage Shows Reported Planned Parenthood Employee Discussing Brutal Abortion Practices

 Planned Parenthood staff and managers appeared to discuss the sale of aborted babies’ body parts and other gruesome abortion practices in videos viewed publicly for the first time this week by lawmakers during a hearing in Washington, D.C.

At the Tuesday hearing, called “Investigating the Black Market of Baby Organ Harvesting,” Center for Medical Progress (CMP) President David Daleiden told lawmakers that videos obtained by his organization showed Planned Parenthood revealing that it had a “financial incentive” to sell the body parts of aborted babies and discussing their brutal abortion practices.

“These video clips from the subpoenaed congressional footage are just a small part of incredibly disturbing and incriminating undercover conversations that prove Planned Parenthood sells baby parts,” Daleiden said. “Planned Parenthood and their allies tried to cover up this footage for eight years because of the brutal facts it reveals about their taxpayer-funded business to kill and sell vulnerable infants.”

The hearing was hosted by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), and Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL). The CMP exploded onto the scene in 2015 after it first released footage showing Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of body parts from aborted babies.

The clips played on Tuesday before the lawmakers were recorded years ago, but were previously unable to be released due to court order.

In one clip played during the testimony, a woman identified by CMP as Planned Parenthood New York City’s Medical Director for Abortion Services Dr. Stacy De-Lin is told by a Center for Medical Progress investigator that she “could pay you $1,000, up to $1,500 for a liver.”

De-Lin responded by saying, “Yeah, that’s great,” and, “I think a financial incentive from you guys like, to the people we have to get this approved from, will be very happy about it,” according to the video shared by CMP.

CMP said that another one of the videos showed then-Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ann Schutt-Aine discussing ways to get around federal law banning partial birth abortions.


“If I’m seeing that I’m in fear that it’s about to come to the umbilicus [navel], I might ask for a second set of forceps to hold the body at the cervix and pull off a leg or two, so it’s not PBA [partial-birth abortion],” Schutt-Aine said, according to the CMP video.

In a different video featuring one of Schutt-Aine’s colleagues, an individual identified by CMP as Planned Parenthood employee Tram Nguyen says that sometimes an arm is ripped off the unborn baby during an abortion. “[O]ther days it’s [the fetus is] like more intact where it’s like maybe only like an arm that’s disarticulated,” she said, the CMP video shows.

Another video showed Planned Parenthood trainer Dr. Uta Landy reading from quotes about people who had been trained to do abortions, according to CMP.

“My coping mechanism is to focus on the baby/fetus. Reverence for something that was once alive and now it’s not,” one person said. Another said, “An eyeball just fell down into my lap, and that is gross,” prompting laughter from the abortionists in the audience.

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