Friday 8 March 2024

Old Joe Suffers Brain Glitch at SOTU: “I’m Gonna Get in Trouble for Saying That, But Anyone Can Get in Air Force One With Me to Fly to Toronto, Berlin, Moscow…”


Joe Biden suffers a brain glitch at SOTU and starts offering rides to Moscow and Berlin on Air Force One.

Joe Biden suffered a brain glitch during the State of the Union Address on Thursday. The confused octogenarian offered free rides on Air Force One to Berlin and Moscow. Wth?

Biden was talking about the price of prescription drugs – something he is directly responsible for after he raised prices when he entered office.

Joe Biden: “I want to cap prescription drug costs to $2,000 a year for everyone. Folks, I’m gonna get in trouble for saying that, but anyone can get in Air Force One with me and fly to Toronto, Berlin, Moscow…? I mean, excuse me… well even Moscow, probably.”


This is not the first time Joe Biden glitched out when talking about pharmaceuticals. In November 2022, Joe Biden bragged that he personally spoke with the scientist who invented insulin – who died before Joe was born.

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