Thursday 21 March 2024

Not Parody: NYT Declares The ‘Deep State’ Is Not Only Real, But ‘Kind Of Awesome’

 The New York Times has declared that not only is the “Deep State” real, it “is actually kind of awesome.”

When former President Trump was in the White House, Republican complaints about a “deep state” — entrenched unelected bureaucrats and federal government employees who were actively working to undermine Trump’s agenda — were dismissed as conspiracy theories. But as the 2024 presidential race shapes up to be a rematch of the 2020 election, the NYT has acknowledged — and praised — the “deep state’s” existence.

The video opinion piece, produced by Adam Westbrook and Lindsay Crouse, began with a series of clips of former President Trump promising to dismantle the “deep state” if reelected. The pair followed with a series of comments from federal government employees whom they suggested were a part of the “deep state” and therefore at risk if Trump were reelected.

“As we met the Americans who are being dismissed as public enemies, we discovered that they are … us. They like Taylor Swift. They dance bachata. They go to bed at night watching ‘Star Trek’ reruns. They go to work and do their jobs: saving us from Armageddon,” Westbrook and Crouse wrote in the description of their video.

“When we hear ‘deep state,’ instead of recoiling, we should rally. We should think about the workers otherwise known as our public servants, the everyday superheroes who wake up ready to dedicate their careers and their lives to serving us. These are the Americans we employ. Even though their work is often invisible, it makes our lives better,” they concluded.

What Westbrook and Crouse did not address is the fact that when Trump and his allies talked about the “deep state,” they was specifically addressing federal government employees and unelected bureaucrats who were actively working against him and his agenda while he was in office. The so-called “deep state” actors interviewed for the NYT opinion piece were simply federal government employees.

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