Monday 25 March 2024

Michael McCaul: ISIS-K Terror Threat Growing After Moscow Attack

 House Intelligence Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) said over the weekend that the threat of terrorist attacks from ISIS-K is growing after the Islamic terrorist group carried out a large attack late last week in Russia.

The remarks from McCaul, which he made on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” come as Russian officials continued to search for bodies in a concert hall outside Moscow where four heavily armed gunmen opened fire before setting the building on fire.

“This attack in Moscow was carried out by ISIS-K, a group that typically emanates out of Afghanistan,” said host Margaret Brennan. “We know the U.S. had advanced warning. From what you know, is there an ongoing threat in Eurasia, and are U.S. interests a target?”

“Yes, I believe so,” McCaul responded. “I think that the CENTCOM Commander, General Kurilla, just testified this week before Congress that, within six months, that ISIS-K would have the capability to operate outside of Afghanistan, to do external operations. And it only took six days before they hit Moscow, or outside of Moscow.”

“And I think Europe is of concern,” he continued. “And it’s sort of like we’re going back to that old playbook where history repeats itself. And that’s why the fall of Afghanistan, the way it was done, and the way we left it with no ISR capability, that intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, puts us in danger, where this is a new battleground training ground for ISIS.”



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