Friday 29 March 2024

Mexican Migrant Gets 10 Years in Prison for Killing 22-Year-Old Broc Stoddard

 A Mexican migrant has been sentenced to ten years in prison in Rigby, Idaho, after pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter for a fatal crash that killed 22-year-old Broc Stoddard and seriously injured his girlfriend, Hannah Britton.

On Monday, 19-year-old Alonso Hernandez-Garcia was sentenced for causing the August 11, 2023, crash that killed Stoddard and left 24-year-old Britton with serious injuries. At the time of the crash, Garcia had been speeding and crashed head-on with Stoddard and Britton.

Stoddard died at the scene, and Britton was rushed to a hospital in Idaho Falls, where she was treated for multiple serious injuries.

Jonathan Stoddard, Broc’s father, said his son “was robbed of experiencing the joy of marriage to his loving, beautiful and supportive girlfriend Hannah, deprived of becoming a father … cheated out of becoming an uncle.”

“Broc will never know what it is like to be called daddy or grandpa,” Jonathan Stoddard told the court at the sentencing hearing, according to East Idaho News.

Broc Stoddard “was the pillar of his family,” his obituary reads.

“He was a constant source of strength for his mother & he adored his little sister above all else,” the obituary continues. “However, his biggest role was that of a father figure to his younger brother Cole. The deep friendship shared between them welded a brotherly bond that will last throughout the eternities & beyond.”

Authorities said Garcia arrived in the United States from Mexico. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency plans to take Garcia into its custody and have him deported when he is released from prison.

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