Friday 15 March 2024

Man With Unusual Vanity License Plate Predictably Flees Cops

 Police officers in east-central Florida on Tuesday arrested a teenage motorcyclist with an invalid vanity license plate who could not outrun aviation officers despite his speed, a video released Wednesday showed.

The motorcyclist sped off from Volusia County police officers and ran a red light, the video showed. Volusia Sheriff’s Office (VSO) identified the motorcyclist as Ashtin Jarvis, 19, New Smyrna Beach, according to the statement accompanying the video.

Jarvis’s motorcycle sported a vanity license plate that read, “WILL RUN,” the video showed. Jarvis wore a GoPro camera. Aviation officers summoned by the various law enforcement agencies involved in the incident observed in the video. He appeared to run a red light more than once and weaved his way through vehicular traffic at an apparently high speed, according to the video. He attained a speed of 145 mph at some point, appearing to pull away from the police helicopter overhead, the VSO said.

“Jarvis taunted and fled from Port Orange PD, New Smyrna PD, Ormond Beach PD, Edgewater PD, South Daytona PD, and VSO deputies,” the VSO said in its statement.

A police unit in a patrol vehicle finally brought Jarvis to a halt, and two other patrol vehicles appeared on the scene, the video showed. One of the units approached Jarvis at gunpoint, an aviation officer remarked in the video. 

“Oh man, was that sh— fun?” an officer asked Jarvis, according to the video.

“No, not really,” replied Jarvis.

“You see the tag,” an officer asked another.

“No, what’s it say? ‘I like the run’?”

“‘Will Run’,” replied the officer.

“Good job, man,” an officer sarcastically told Jarvis. “You guys are real, real strong on the motorcycles.”

Jarvis faces “several charges including fleeing at high speed, reckless driving, and possession of a counterfeit license plate, in addition to traffic violations,” according to the VSO.

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and Sanford Police Department reportedly assisted in the arrest. “Participating law enforcement agencies did not engage in any pursuits, instead calling in Air One to respond, follow and help protect the public from the reckless behavior on our roads,” the VSO added.

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, in a humorous reference to the suspect’s “Will Run” license plate and the suspect’s short-lived race from the police, commented: “At least they were honest with y’all 😅”

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