Tuesday 12 March 2024

LEAK: Special Counsel Transcript Confirms Joe Biden’s Big Lie Regarding His Late Son Beau During Interview, Also Shows He Forgot When Trump was Elected


Details of Joe Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur have started to leak out to the corporate press, and it does not paint a pretty picture for the current White House occupant. This includes a new detail that was not previously reported. 

As previously reported, Hur released a 345-page report last month on Biden’s stolen documents investigation. In his report, Hur determined that a jury would not be able to convict Biden because members would see him as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Hur noted that Biden could not remember when his son died nor when he was vice president.

The allegation that Biden forgot the date his son died infuriated him, and he went on the attack against the counsel. An indignant Biden told the White House press following the report that Hur brought up Beau’s death unprompted. 

There is even reference that I don’t remember when my son died. How in the hell dare he raise that?

Frankly, when I was asked the question I thought to myself, it wasn’t any of their damn business!

But the transcript proves that Biden was lying. It reveals that not only did Biden bring up the subject of Beau’s death, but the so-called president also had to rely on his handlers to remind him of the date his late son passed away.

This also confirms NBC News’s report regarding the exchange.

BIDEN: And so I hadn’t, I hadn’t at this point … I hadn’t walked away from the idea that I may run for office again. But if I ran again, I’d be running for president. And, and so what was happening though — what month did Beau die? Oh, God, May 30th–

Credit: @CortesSteve

Two of his handlers tell him the correct year (2015), which Biden repeats.

Biden then goes on to forget what year Donald Trump was elected President, claiming it was November of 2017 instead of 2016. 


The transcript also confirms Biden needed clarification about when he was vice president. As the National Pulse notes, Biden asked out loud in one exchange with Hur, “Was I still vice president? I was, wasn’t I? Yeah.”

The outlet notes the document he was looking at was dated 2009, and he had only been vice president for four months at the time. At another point, he said, “Well, if it was 2013 — when did I stop being vice president?”

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