Friday 1 March 2024

Kamala Harris Called Out on Twitter/X After Praising ‘Non-Partisan’ Poll Worker Who is Actually a Far Left Activist


Kamala Harris recently took to Twitter and heaped praise on a pair of supposedly non-partisan poll workers, saying that ‘our democracy’ could not function without such people.

She was almost immediately called out however, by sharp-eyed Twitter/X users who recognized one of the men as a far left activist.

What are the odds that Harris didn’t know this when she sent her initial tweet?

FOX News reports:


Kamala Harris praises ‘nonpartisan poll worker,’ which immediately backfires when people learn who he is

Vice President Harris took to social media to praise the efforts of poll workers amid the presidential primaries and just months ahead of the 2024 election, but her complimentary remarks quickly backfired.

“Our democracy could not function without nonpartisan poll workers like Vasu and Rob whom I met in Georgia. President Biden and I thank you and we support you,” she said Tuesday on X, sharing a photo of her appearing to listen to Vasu Abhiraman.

Instead of applauding a “nonpartisan” poll worker, X’s Community Notes immediately tagged the tweet with additional context that readers “might want to know,” including that Abhiraman is actually a liberal advocate who promotes the progressive movement.

“The ‘nonpartisan poll worker’ on the left is Vasu Abhiraman, a staffer at the left-wing Alliance for Justice and formerly of ACLU Georgia,” reads a notice on Harris’ tweet.

Here’s the Harris tweet:

Here are some responses:

Of course, you’ll never hear about this on CNN or MSNBC. This is the value of Twitter/X.

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